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Free Phone Wallpapers // #Unplugged

We are spending the next four weeks having church in people's homes while we wait for our new church building to be finished! This is giving us an opporunity to experience community New Testament style, and our sermon series goes right along with that. One wallpaper will be added each Sunday this month to help us remember the "basics" that we learned that morning.

About the sermon series, from Pastor Jon:

My goal in teaching this series is to take us back to the basics of discipleship. Anyone who wants to do big things in Jesus’ kingdom must first start with being faithful in small things. The principles we will talk about each week are vital to learn and build on. They are not subjects we can study, then throw away and move on with the rest of our Christian walk.

To set these images as an iPhone wallpaper:

1. Hold your finger on the image you want

2. Select "save image"

3. The image is now in your photo album! You can set it as your wallpaper from there.

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