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Free Phone Wallpapers // Covenant Series

Hey guys! These are the first of (hopefully) many wallpapers that we at Circle City Church Planting want to give you. We hope that these images serve as a constant reminder of sermons, God's grace, and the Scriptures involved with both. Throughout each series, multiple graphics will be added to this post to help provide encouragement long after Sunday mornings.

To set these images as an iPhone wallpaper:

1. Hold your finger on the image you want

2. Select "save image"

3. The image is now in your photo album! You can set it as your wallpaper from there.


Jesus is faithful. All through scripture we see that God remains true to His promises. His very nature is truth. God even goes as far as to declare He cannot lie. We see covenants made with Adam, Noah, Abraham, and others in the Old Testament. In Hebrews 8, we find a passage that declares a new covenant that Jesus affirmed is even better than the last. We are privileged to take part in God's covenant promises when we answer yes to Jesus' gift of life!

-Pastor Jon Lowe

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